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Over the last few years, Dubai has set a record of building numerous high-rise skyscrapers and low-rise buildings for residential and commercial purposes. These larger-than-life buildings are an image of grandeur and glamour because of their detailed and inspiring infrastructure. The real estate industry in Dubai owes the credit of its growth to the investors who have eagerly invested in it and are keen to buy apartments for sale in Dubai to secure their financial assets.  

The prospects of buying an apartment in Dubai are bright!

Whether you want to buy an apartment in Dubai for the sake of living in it or you wish to let it for making a passive income through rent, buying a property in Dubai can never be a flop. This city boasts an array of flats and apartments suiting various budgets and lifestyles, so you have all the liberty to choose the apartment that checks all the boxes for you. 


There are few factors that you cannot turn a blind eye to when you are on a property hunt, especially if you are looking to buy an apartment in Dubai. You need to research and decide which area aligns with your lifestyle; are you leaning towards high-end and upscale neighborhoods or affordable modest localities? Also, determine your goals before you buy an apartment in Dubai; are you buying it to live in it, to rent it out, or to sell it shortly? 

Competitive Prices

However you decide, you will find similar outcomes: more financial independence, better capital gains, and growth in your financial assets. Dubai real estate is extremely diverse and progressing because of its competitive prices and accessibility to foreign investors. You can conveniently sell apartments in freehold areas in Dubai to non-nationals; this means you have a better chance and margin at making bigger profits. If you are an international investor, you will be surprised to get a much more spacious and luxurious apartment at a fraction of the price you will get in other big cities like New York, London, and Hong Kong. Check out properties for sale in Dubai to compare the prices!  

High ROI

The apartments in Dubai skyscrapers are not only famous for their height, but also their augmentation in terms of return on investment. Buying an apartment for sale in Dubai can yield good value for money because of the high ROI. This factor mitigates the risk on investment and motivates newcomers in Dubai real estate to take a leap of faith and buy property in Dubai. The ROI varies from area to area and as per the square footage. On average, a studio apartment has a 7% ROI that can also go up to 9%, depending on the area.  

Capital Appreciation

What more can you ask for when you are selling property in Dubai? It is selling it at a higher price than you bought it for! The value of apartments in Dubai has only gone up since 2020 and is predicted for further capital appreciation in the future. It is a win-win situation for property owners when they want to sell apartments in Dubai. 

High Rental Yield

With the surge in the expat population in Dubai, you won’t even have to worry if your apartment will generate a handful of rental income- there are no two opinions about it! The rental yields in Dubai are substantially high, especially for apartments in posh areas.


If you have ever envisioned enjoying the waterfront views from the see-through glass walls of your apartment, then you have landed in the right place. You will find a wide display of apartments in Dubai’s various areas, ranging from studio apartments to 7-bed apartments. The apartments for sale in Dubai feature the interior design according to the area it is located in; in waterfront and beachfront flats, having huge glass doors and windows is a common trait, whereas apartments in the center of the city feature mirrored walls and exteriors.

The most sought-after areas in Dubai with apartments for sale include Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Dubai Harbor, etc.; these neighborhoods typically have upscale luxury apartments that are packed with top-notch amenities. To experience the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in Dubai, check out the apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers, The Views, and JBR.  

The categorization of apartments for sale in Dubai is based on the covered area, amenities, and the number of floors it is located on. To diversify the property options in real estate, some especial duplex and triplex units, lofts, and penthouses are available.

Another great alternative to consider is buying off-plan properties in Dubai, which means you can easily buy an apartment while it is in construction process. This is a lucrative choice for first-time property buyers in Dubai who want to buy a property without having financial burnout.


Browsing through hundreds of apartments for sale in Dubai, one is bound to get dubious about making the right decision. This is where the real estate companies in Dubai assist you in clearing your vision and judgment.  Espace Real Estate  is one of the leading real estate companies that bring the best deals to the table in the Dubai real estate industry for property for sale in Dubai. With extensive experience in this industry, we have access to all updated listings for apartments for sale in Dubai that are genuine and fall under your budget.

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