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Tenant’s Guide

Take a look at our simple guide for all the important information you need to know when renting in Dubai:

Set a realistic budget by considering all the essential features and amenities that you need. It’s worth noting that the advertised rental price only includes the total annual rent and excludes the following items:

  • Security deposit (5-10% of annual rent)
  • Brokerage fees (usually 5% of annual rent, but some brokers charge a minimum of 5,000 AED per tenancy contract).
  • Moving / relocation expenses
  • Deposits for gas, DEWA, Etisalat connections.
  • Housing fees for Dubai Municipality (5% of annual rent)
  • Work with registered real estate brokers who understand what you need and can assist you in finding the right property within your budget in a highly competitive market.
  • Go to viewings along with your broker and ask as many questions as you want about the property itself, the neighbourhood, the landlords, and anything else that may help your decision making.
  • Make an offer through your broker and review thoroughly the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement. Any additional terms or requirements must be added to the agreement.
  • Once both parties sign the tenancy contract, you must register the tenancy with Ejari and apply for DEWA in order to set up your water and electricity connection, and the service will be activated within 24 hours.

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