Property Sales Conveyancing in Dubai

With over a decade’s experience in providing real estate services in Dubai, the Espace team can help you manage the end-to-end sales process with minimum fuss and hassle.

Sales Conveyancing

Do you need a property valuation?


Sales Conveyancing

We believe buying a property should be a straightforward and effortless investment for our clients. So we work hard to make sure you can rely on us throughout the entire process to take care of all the legal, regulatory, financial, and administrative tasks.

Here are just a few examples of what our conveyancing services can do for you:

  • Review and advise on the particular conditions, timeframes including all parties’ obligations.
  • Oversee smooth transaction and legal transfer of ownership of property on time.
  • Safeguard all deposit cheques until the successful transfer of property.
  • Coordinate timely requests of required documents for all parties involved.
  • Liaise with banks to ensure they have all necessary documentation to complete next steps for the seller/buyer/valuation company.
  • Ensures all maintenance/service fees are paid as per developer’s requirements for NOC application.
  • Coordinate on RERA and Land Department related matters.
  • Arrange for Title Deed application.

Contact our team of experts to find out more about our conveyancing services and how we can help.

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