Property Handover

Through our team of RERA-qualified property managers, our inspection and handover services can help protect your property and maximise your return on investment.


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Property Handover

We apply a detailed and thorough approach because we want our clients to know that everything is in order and exactly how they want it to be. We will also make sure our clients are aware of any issues or concerns and how we can resolve them quickly.

Snagging Inspection

Our property managers will work with the developers to carry out all the essential checks to ensure your new purchase is in good condition and meets all the relevant regulations.

While the developer may offer to organise an inspection for you, it is not uncommon for them to miss critical areas that may affect the structure or value of your property. With Espace, you can rely on our skilled and fully-trained property managers to deliver a comprehensive inspection of your new home and arrange the necessary repairs before handover.

You can see below our inspection checklist for every property that we work on:

Exterior Checks:

  • Window glazing, frames and all surrounds
  • Damaged walls or paint imperfections
  • Damage to concrete walls
  • All paving and tiling
  • Exterior electrical fittings
  • Roofing
  • Building exterior

Interior Checks:

  • Key and lock checks
  • Tiling and grouting, cracks, chips and uneven laying
  • Paint blemishes, spillages, marks and stains
  • Baths and sinks checked for scratches and poor finish or fitting
  • Drainage and plumbing checks for poor installation
  • Electrical appliances and connections
  • All kitchen cupboards and vanity tops checked for cracks/scratches and poor installation
  • Walls, coving, skirting boards checked for poor paint finish, uneven surfaces and cracks
  • Ceiling fixtures checked for good finish
  • Door handles, locks, door stops and other elements

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