Dissecting The Dubai Rental Contract

If you are renting your property, you might often wonder what exactly are the landlord's responsibilities. What should I be covering myself? Should I be paying this? Tenants are often left pondering over these valid questions. Confusion over this often leads to financial disagreements that cause unnecessary tension between the landlord and the tenant. contract-confusion However, official channels are now making everything more accessible and transparent for tenants and landlords. Dubai Land Department launched its Unified Lease Form contract in March of this year, becoming a mandatory procedure. In this article, we will go over what this new document entails and what changes you can expect going forward. The new contract provides a guide to the responsibilities, rights and roles of landlords as well as tenants. This ensures proper regulation of the professional relationship between the property management team and the renter including guarantees and licensing. The new document has been designed to make processes easier to understand. At the same time, it keeps the lines clear in disputes between the two parties. So, what rights and regulations are we talking about?

Property Maintenance

The Dubai Land Department did clarify that based on the terms of a lease, it's the landlord that's responsible for maintaining the property with repair work. One requirement the landlord is responsible for is keeping health and safety levels to a high standard. If an issue exists that affects the welfare of the tenant; the expectation is on the landlord to fix it. However, some wording is still a little blurred. For example, the landlord can shift responsibilities like this onto the tenant. Although both parties must agree on actions like this. In situations like this, there must be a mutual agreement. Issues such as this are not the tenant's responsibility.

The Power Of Eviction

The new document makes it clear that landlords can evict tenants for a variety of different reasons. In fact, specific clauses show how and why tenants may be removed from properties in Dubai. Eviction Notice Many are expected, such as the use of illegal substances or engaging in unlawful activities on the property. It also includes a tenant subletting a property without permission from a landlord. Prohibited activities and what they are is at the discretion of the landlord. What kind of activities they are, must be made clear to the tenant from the start.

When Will It Come Into Effect?

The new document was released in March and is already in effect. The Dubai Land Department hope it will lead to a clear and consistent property market. Both landlords and tenants can trust it, leading to fewer disputes. The legislation is based on a legal contract between all parties involved and is entirely dependant on the legislation system. As well as this document, the Dubai Land Department has also established committees to monitor and keep checks on the rental market. The aim being to provide clarity to both property owners and renters. Landlords are encouraged to download the new documentation. The new documentation will ensure landlords know their responsibilities when renting out properties. Both parties should read the documentation and agree on the included regulations before signing the rental contract.

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