Exceptional Brokers Vs Average Brokers

What's the difference between an "average" sales broker and an "exceptional" sales broker? Here's what I've found: An average broker in the 50th percentile earns a good living. It's enough to enjoy everything that Dubai has to offer; travel for nice holidays; save for the future etc. However, the average broker will need to work for 11.5 years to earn what an exceptional Broker (10th percentile) can earn in just 3 years! But this is where it gets interesting... In percentage terms, the average broker spends a lot and saves a little, while the exceptional broker can spend a little and save a lot. Assuming the exceptional broker lives a comparable lifestyle (same living costs) to that of the average broker, it will take the average broker 40.5 years to save what the exceptional broker can save in just 3 years! When you add compound interest into the equation it's clear that the average broker will never catch up in his lifetime! So what's the real difference? Answer: The exceptional broker works 10% harder than the average broker. Note: I've used genuine Espace sales performance figures from 2016 and a realistic assumption for the cost of living in Dubai.

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