Five Minutes with Shanze Murtaza

We are never surprised by the sheer number and calibre of deals that our fiercely successful and longest-serving female Senior Client Manager, Shanze Murtaza, brings to the Espace Sales Team table. Crowned as leading property portal Property Finder’s Outstanding Agent in April 2018 she continues to smash targets month on month at Espace. But how is she leading the way, like so many other female real estate brokers breaking through in the Dubai Real Estate Market? 48 How would you describe yourself in three words? Ambitious, passionate and honest. Which female businesswoman do you most admire? I wouldn’t say there is one certain public female figure who I admire. My parents are my true inspiration and very important personalities in my life. My mother has brought me up to believe in making life as fulfilling as possible and to have solid values in all areas of life - personal and business. My father is also someone I fiercely admire. As I was growing up he showed me perseverance and taught me to never give up. He had many different businesses, most of which didn’t strike big, until he turned 50 years old when he focussed all his energy into one endeavor, something he knew most about, and this finally paid off. His determination proved to me it’s never too late to succeed, to be true to your passions and never give up. Tell us a bit about your story and how you ended up working in Real Estate in Dubai? I was born, raised and educated in Dubai. I entered Real Estate in 2005 and set up my own real estate business which grew to a total of 20 staff. The business survived through the financial crisis but in 2010 I made the decision to close the agency and move to the US. However less than a year later I was back and with a new-found focus. I joined Espace in May 2011 and have loved every minute. How do you manage a work-life balance? I work hard and pride myself on doing better and better. My life is balanced when my work is in order, my children are happy and healthy and I have the right amount of time for myself. What is your best “survival” tip for anyone starting out in the industry? My best piece of advice to anyone looking to carve out a successful career in this business is to be honest and believe in what you are doing. I can’t be successful and sell if I don’t believe in the product. Credibility is key and I thrive on building loyal relationships with my clients. Working in different countries, running my own business, being a parent - these are all part of my journey. They have allowed me to learn more and contributed to my success in the business of Real Estate.

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