From Finland to Dubai - the Burj al Arab Terrace opens

The self-styled "most luxurious hotel in the world" has had an extension, and it's come all the way from Finland. Discover the Burj al Arab Terrace...  The Terrace is a fascinating project, which features a restaurant, saltwater infinity swimming pools, a beach with 1,000 tonnes of white sand, and 32 butler-serviced cabanas. 34A165E100000578-3610616-The_sail_shaped_Burj_Al_Arab_on_the_Persian_Gulf_bills_itself_as-a-12_1464265436659 What is most fascinating about the Burj al Arab Terrace is that it was built in Finland, and transported in eight pieces to Dubai, where it was put together. This helped ensure minimum disruption to clients and to the marine life around the Burj. The project was developed by a Finnish marine company, but sits comfortably in its new Dubai surroundings. The island weighs 5,000 tonnes, and covers 10,000 square metres. It was opened earlier this month by Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid, who praised the concept as representing the highest innovation and creativity in design and implementation. 34A167F600000578-3610616-The_two_infinity_pools_have_10_million_mosaic_tiles_in_shades_of-a-14_1464265436746 So, if you have the opportunity to visit the Burj al Arab, it's no longer just the world's most stylish hotel, it's the world's most stylish hotel and Terrace.  

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