Why Dubai is the best value for luxury property

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When it comes to luxury property, there is nowhere that gives you better value than Dubai. If you have $1m to invest in luxury property anywhere in the world, you could go to Monaco – and you’d get 17 square metres worth of luxury property.

Come to Dubai, and you will 145 square metres for the same price.

Our Infographic puts it into perspective…

You can get 8 apartments in Dubai for the price of 1 in Monaco. Or 7 apartments for the price of one tiny flat in London.

Dubai continues to grow, with new developments and new projects coming to completion all the time. The Business Bay area, for instance, continues to grow around the Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest building, and the city is developing a whole new cultural area around the Dubai Opera building.

The Dubai real estate market in Dubai has cooled off over the last year, and we believe it’s the peak time to invest. Our Investor’s Report analyses the conditions in Dubai, and concludes that the government’s investment into the emirate, along with historically low reliance on oil, means that Dubai is one of the safest places for property investment in the world right now.

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