What is EJARI And Why Do You Need To Get Yourself Registered?

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If you’re thinking about renting a property in Dubai, you have probably heard about EJARI. It is vital that anyone renting in Dubai familiarise themselves with this term by learning what it means and why it’s essential. EJARI can seem complicated for foreign investors, but we can help you break it down, answering some of the most common questions.

What Is It?

Ejari translates into ‘my rent’ in Arabic. Here, the name refers to the system which orchestrates every registration for each tenancy contract in Dubai. EJARI is also referred to as a tenancy contract or a tenancy contract registration. That’s why, when you rent a property in Dubai; you will hear things like ‘What will my EJARI cost me?’ Or even ‘where can I register my EJARI?’

Am I Responsible For Registering The Tenancy Contract?

It’s possible though uncommon for the landlord to register the tenancy contract with EJARI. That’s one of the reasons why it is so important you are aware of it. Typically, it will be the responsibility of the tenant to lodge the contract.

You can do this at most typing centres around Dubai, and the whole process will take just a few minutes. If you want to check out a list of approved typing centres, head to the official EJARI site online. Be aware that plenty typing centres can help and are not on this list.

If you were hoping to register online, you’re, unfortunately, out of luck. Currently, you can only register through a typing centre.

What Documents Will I Need For This Process?

A lot would be the short answer. The full list includes:

  • The Emirates ID of the Tenant
  • Passport for tenants who are non-GCC countries nationals
  • Receipt of the security deposit
  • A contract for the tenancy
  • Copy of the landlord’s passport
  • Title deed for the rented property

These are just some of the documents that you may need. Bear in mind that if you can not produce all of these documents, you may still be able to register the tenancy contract. Though typically, it’s best to come prepared.

What Happens When I Register?

The standard fee for EJARI is 160 AED, but if you have an exceptional case, it can be more expensive than this. Once you have paid the fees and filled in the details, you will gain an EJARI certificate. The certificate then gives you full official details of your tenancy contract.

How Important is EJARI?

Very, without this, you won’t be able to register any complaints with your landlord. You will also be unable to renew a residency visa or obtain them for family members. This is why you should register as soon as you start your tenancy. You can register at any time during your tenure, but it is better to get in early.

When Do I Need To Submit A New EJARI?

You need to submit a new EJARI anytime you renew your contract. What this means is that you will need a new EJARI even if you are staying in the same building.

EJARI is designed to keep things fair and civil between landlords and tenants, maintaining a structured legal, regulatory system. As such, it is in your best interest to get registered as soon as you start renting.

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