The importance of management on your rental property

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The number one reason tenants renew leases is because of good maintenance. The number one reason they leave is poor maintenance responsiveness.

When you consider these factors and their impact on your property’s bottom line you understand the importance of good maintenance on your property.

The important issues regarding maintenance on a rental property are:
• Identifying tenant repairs and
• Preventative maintenance.

We promote the idea of occasional special inspections during the term of the lease. These inspections allow the owner of the property to be aware of items that may need attention due to wear and tear. Delayed maintenance on these issues can wind up costing the owner more money if the condition worsens due to lack of attention.

These special inspections promote the good will of the tenant because it allows the tenant an opportunity to tell us about items we may not have been aware of.

Our team will handle all aspects of property management including payment collection.

We are a one-stop, full-service provider for property management.

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