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By Merete Broen, General manager of Zen Interiors. My husband and I set up Zen Interiors in Dubai over a decade ago to cater to the influx of people investing in the UAE, seeking a fast and efficient turnkey design service for their properties, most of which back then were to be rented out. We built up a team of designers and architects to create a range of furniture solutions whereby empty houses and apartments could be quickly turned into homes. Working with suppliers from Europe and the Far East, we developed our own Zen Interiors range of furniture, offering our clients a speedy service at affordable prices.

Over time, we started taking on more bespoke projects, that had a much longer time frame, and these were homes that were going to be lived in for the majority of the year by the homeowner. These clients have had very diverse tastes and needs – from family-friendly villas with a European feel, to quite traditional Arabesque designs, and more recently, we’ve seen a wave of very contemporary, minimalist homes coming through.

We work with top brands from all over the world, so it’s important to stay abreast of what trends and styles are making a splash internationally. Having said that, we don’t follow trends as such, as our aim is always to create homes that stand the test of time and have a lasting appeal, we find that if you decorate your home according to what’s in fashion in one season, it can look very dated very quickly, which is why our team have always steered more to classic, elegant and timeless styles.

Another key thing for us is attention to detail and quality. Our search for reliable, quality craftsmen, suppliers and contractors has been a continuous quest over the years and we are now very confident in our contacts. This is one massive benefit to hiring professional interior designers, as we’ve done all the research so our clients don’t have to. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people project-managing their own renovations only to find that the contractors or suppliers they’re using let them down at the last minute, leaving them with a half-finished home and spiralling costs. We pride ourselves on providing a faultless service that our clients rely on, which is why so many of them return to us again and again. It’s an exciting industry that’s ever-changing, and we’re delighted to part of the UAE’s growth.

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