Slow Summers in Dubai are a Thing of the Past: Q2 Real Estate Boom

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For many years, the summer months in Dubai were associated with the slowdown in the real estate market. However, recent 2024 trends suggest a dramatic shift. This Q2 has shattered previous records, indicating that the Dubai real estate market is not just active but thriving. Here’s a closer look at what’s driving this unprecedented growth.

Key Insights:

Record-Breaking Transactions in May:

May was a milestone month for the Dubai Real Estate market, marking the highest number of transactions ever recorded by the Dubai Land Department. This surge was primarily driven by off-plan sales, highlighting the high demand for new projects across Dubai, whether it be villas for sale in Dubai, townhouses, or apartments.

Q2 Outpacing Q1:

With just a week left until the Q2 market insight reports are released, preliminary data already shows that Q2 has outperformed Q1 significantly. The market momentum is clear, with transaction volumes and values soaring.

Reduction of Live Units for sale in Dubai:

Property Finder has reported a noticeable reduction in live listings, making it more challenging for buyers to find available stock. As a result, well-priced properties are selling faster across the city and increased competition among buyers.

Increased Leads at Espace Real Estate:

Espace Real Estate has seen a 20% increase in leads compared to Q1, highlighting the high demand from buyers searching for properties for sale in Dubai. This surge in interest is a clear indicator of the market’s vibrancy and the growing confidence in Dubai’s real estate sector.


Based on current trends and unlike recent reports, does this mean the days of slow summers in Dubai’s real estate market are officially behind us? The combination of record-breaking transactions, reduced properties for sale in Dubai, and heightened buyer demand points to a market that is more dynamic and competitive than ever. As we move forward, all signs indicate continued growth and opportunities for both buyers and sellers in Dubai’s booming real estate market.

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