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With so many new projects, incredibly flexible payment plans and numerous add-ons including free service charges, 0% booking fees and DLD waivers, it’s hard to know which project is best f or you.

Dubai is home to various opportunities for people looking to invest in property. One of the highlights in this region is off plan properties. An off-plan property is one that hasn’t been built yet. When new developments are agreed upon, the developers sell prospective properties for anyone that wishes to buy them. Buying a property before it’s even been constructed could seem a little counterproductive.

But, there are plenty of benefits for you purchasing an off plan property.

Off plan properties are mostly built in new and thriving areas. As such, you’re almost guaranteed to buy property in a prime location. The earlier you buy, the higher the chance you get of securing one of the better units. Being wise when choosing your location helps to understand the potential of the property.

Price Locking:
Secondly, you have the benefit of locking in a property at a set price right now. Construction time can take a number of years, maybe longer. In this time, the housing market could experience enormous changes. Getting a good deal at the beginning allows you to see the value of your property appreciate in future years.

More often than not, developers will offer financial and other incentives. They do this so that they can get enough demand to start the construction phase. We’ve seen a number of huge, and aggressive, financial incentives in the 2018 off plan projects, enticing many first time buyers.

Benefits of an Espace Off Plan Agent

Independent. Whilst we work closely with several leading developers, we’re not tied to anyone so we can offer impartial advice.

Unbiased. We have an excellent understanding of all projects in the ever-changing Dubai landscape.

Excusive access. We can help you secure the best off plan units as soon as they launch.

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