Women Are Now Leading The Way In Dubai’s Real Estate Market

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The latest news coming out of the Dubai real estate market is that women now make up a significant percentage of the total buyers across the board. During the first quarter of this year, no less than 2,431 females invested a total of Dh4.4 billion in the market with upwards of 2,780 purchases.

Those figures come straight from the Dubai Land Department if you want to check them for yourself. The trend looks set to continue as we move through the remainder of 2018, and that’s fantastic news for women in the UAE and beyond.

New figures suggest that females now account for around 30% of all acquisitions in Dubai. Most of the purchases are investments where people choose to buy a second home or attain property to rent for profit. That shows the women of Dubai are just as savvy as the men, and the industry is no longer male-dominated.

Women tend to relate to investment properties a little more than stocks and shares. That is why females in Dubai and around the world are now making names for themselves in this marketplace.

Lots of women now choose careers instead of or alongside raising children, and those working in professional jobs now understand the value of property investments. While the market was reserved for men in the past, it looks as though women could make up almost half of all purchases within the next couple of years.

Dubai attracts females from European countries more than anywhere else. Those ladies are looking to make investments that will provide them with healthy financial returns. Prices are reasonable, and stock levels are high. That helps to explain why so many women are choosing to focus on real estate rather than other investment solutions available to them.

Alongside the European women investing in Dubai property at the moment, there are also many second-generation Arab and South-Asian buyers out there too. Many of them own Western passports, and so they earn their income in other parts of the world and invest in real estate in the UAE.

However, not all female real estate purchasers buy property for investment purposes. There are plenty of end users out there too who buy homes to provide a stable base for their families. In those cases, the women tend to focus on issues like location, budget, local schools, and other amenities.

According to the experts, the most desirable areas for end users to purchase properties in Dubai include Dubai Marina, Downtown, Jumeirah and Business Bay. Still, there are fantastic opportunities all over the country.

Female investors seem particularly interested in one-bedroom properties and studio apartments in Dubai at the moment. Price and location are usually the most prominent deciding factors for any investment consideration, but the price also plays a pivotal role in decision-making.

Female preferences tend to depend on what stage of life the investor is in. Young ladies often prefer new apartments with excellent views, whereas mature buyers seem more interested in making sure the local areas offer high-end schools for their children and other services.

Those with families will often select a townhouse or villa rather than a one-bedroom studio apartment because they can become a little cramped with all those people moving around.

Any property available in Dubai with a value of less than Dh1 million is a top choice for investors both male and female. However, end users who have a combined income of more than Dh30,000 per month will often spend between Dh1.2 million to Dh1.6 million on their perfect home. End users are usually people who have lived in Dubai for more than three years and plan to stay here for the foreseeable future. Investors often come from overseas.

The opportunities and abilities for women to make property investments in Dubai are the same as those available to men. For that reason, and due to the rise of feminist movements in the Middle East, it looks as though the recent trend of female investors is going to continue as we move through the rest of 2018.

Will women finally manage to make up 50% of the market and equal their male counterparts in a few year’s time? We can only wait and see.

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