Meet your property experts

We value honesty, transparency and clarity in our approach with clients, developers, and everyone else that we work with – because we are passionate about offering a service that takes away all the hassle from our clients and helps them enjoy the incredible lifestyle that Dubai has to offer. Come and meet the team.

Amin Dada, Founder - Espace
Amin Dada
John Lyons, Managing Director - Espace
John Lyons
Ana Bunjevac, Director of HR and Operations - Espace
Ana Bunjevac
Gil Van Gelder, Sales Director - Espace
Gil Van Gelder
Matthew Montgomery, Associate Director - Espace
Matthew Montgomery
Danny Abraham, Associate Director - Espace
Danny Abraham
Emma Main, Head of Leasing and Property Management - Espace
Emma Main
Sophie Hansom, Marketing Manager - Espace
Sophie Hansom
Berna Jacobs, Head of Recruitment - Espace
Berna Jacobs
Aaron Thomson, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Aaron Thomson
Alex Calamari, Assistant Property Consultant - Espace
Alex Calamari
Arron Miller, Client Manager - Espace
Arron Miller
Adam Lewis, Senior Client Manager - Silver - Espace
Adam Lewis
Ali Amiri, Client Manager - Espace
Ali Amiri
Alisdair Hazel, Client Manager - Espace
Alisdair Hazel
Adela Radulian, Platinum Agent - Espace
Adela Radulian
Andre Stalevski, Senior Client Manager - Silver - Espace
Andre Stalevski
Akhtar Khan, Leasing Consultant - Espace
Akhtar Khan
Artur Ahmedov, Platinum Agent - Espace
Artur Ahmedov
Bharat Singh, Client Manager - Espace
Bharat Singh
Callum Wood, Client Manager - Espace
Callum Wood
Cianan O Shea, Client Manager - Espace
Cianan O Shea
Chacky Jazaerli, Off Plan Manager - Espace
Chacky Jazaerli
Charlotte Walton, Senior Client Manager - Gold - Espace
Charlotte Walton
Jacob Jackson, Assistant Property Consultant - Espace
Jacob Jackson
Christopher De Freitas, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Christopher De Freitas
Jacques Hissette, Client Manager - Espace
Jacques Hissette
Joel Raines, Assistant Property Consultant - Espace
Joel Raines
Corey Price, Leasing Consultant - Espace
Corey Price
Kevin Lopes, Leasing Consultant - Espace
Kevin Lopes
Cypress McConnell, Leasing Consultant - Espace
Cypress McConnell
Ehsan Jamshidzadeh, Head of Mortgages - Espace
Ehsan Jamshidzadeh
Joren Huijten, Client Manager - Espace
Joren Huijten
Emmanuel Yeboah, Client Manager - Espace
Emmanuel Yeboah
Joshua Ficco, Client Manager - Espace
Joshua Ficco
Farah Ali, Platinum Agent - Espace
Farah Ali
George Anderson, Leasing Consultant - Espace
George Anderson
Lauren McCarthy, Client Manager - Espace
Lauren McCarthy
Nicolas Giuliano, Client Manager - Espace
Nicolas Giuliano
Odhran Devlin, Senior Leasing Consultant - Espace
Odhran Devlin
Hari Singh, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Hari Singh
Harry Ogilvie, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Harry Ogilvie
Oliver Topham, Client Manager - Espace
Oliver Topham
Paul Fackerell, Leasing Consultant - Espace
Paul Fackerell
Jamie Clair, Client Manager - Espace
Jamie Clair
Tayte Brown, Client Manager - Espace
Tayte Brown
Vinod Mathew, Client Manager - Espace
Vinod Mathew
Julia Ferrari, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Julia Ferrari
Iulian Paunescu, Property Manager - Espace
Iulian Paunescu
Jun Arce, Photographer - Espace
Jun Arce
Kas Syed, Leasing Consultant - Espace
Kas Syed
Kate George, Client Manager - Espace
Kate George
Kelly Atherton, Client Manager - Espace
Kelly Atherton
Lewis Anderson, Client Manager - Espace
Lewis Anderson
Liam Cors, Client Manager - Espace
Liam Cors
M Fahad, IT Manager - Espace
M Fahad
Marco Marinelli, Client Manager - Espace
Marco Marinelli
Mariya Cain, Senior Client Manager - Gold - Espace
Mariya Cain
Matthew Macloughlin, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Matthew Macloughlin
Nada El Khatib, Client Manager - Espace
Nada El Khatib
Tim Horgan, Client Manager - Espace
Tim Horgan
Patrick Luft, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Patrick Luft
Rachel Soriano, Training and Development Manager - Espace
Rachel Soriano
Paul Hatton, Client Manager - Espace
Paul Hatton
Ghazaal Tavanaei, Assistant Property Consultant - Espace
Ghazaal Tavanaei
Revelyn Ibarra, Office Manager - Espace
Revelyn Ibarra
Robbie McDonald, Platinum Agent - Espace
Robbie McDonald
Roberto Perez Lorenzo, Platinum Agent - Espace
Roberto Perez Lorenzo
Ronald Abboud, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Ronald Abboud
Ryan Gargan, Client Manager - Espace
Ryan Gargan
Sabir Karimli, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Sabir Karimli
Salman Sangani, Finance Manager - Espace
Salman Sangani
Shanze Murtaza, Platinum Agent - Espace
Shanze Murtaza
Simon Beazley, Senior Client Manager - Gold - Espace
Simon Beazley
Simon Spencer, Senior Client Manager - Espace
Simon Spencer
Tarek Ghalayini, Platinum Agent - Espace
Tarek Ghalayini
Tom Rees, Senior Client Manager - Gold - Espace
Tom Rees
Vlad Radulian, Platinum Agent - Espace
Vlad Radulian
Yulia Kara, Client Manager - Espace
Yulia Kara
Yunis Khadri, Senior Leasing Consultant - Espace
Yunis Khadri